Permanent Make up

The perfection of make-up to enhance your natural features, guaranteed to hold in every situation and give you a sustained sense of wellbeing.


Permanent make-up has a natural appearance and can serve as a base make-up for a number of years. To achieve this, pigments are deposited in the top layer of skin. We pay careful consideration to the quality of pigment employed, the needles used and the continuous training of our technicians.


- Topping-up your make-up is no longer required 
- You are always wearing perfect and discreet make-up 
- No more smeared eyeliner or lipstick contour lines 
- Products which conform to EU standards, holding for up to 5 years 


- Thin eyebrows 
- Uneven lip contours 
- Allergic reactions to decorative cosmetics 
- Suitable for those wearing glasses or using contact lenses 
- A desire for enhancement of your natural beauty

Highlight your natural beauty, which will eventually be neglected by nature, with new accents. Prices for permanent make-up treatment are set individually, following a detailed consultation in which work to be carried out is agreed upon.

  • Upper circle of cilia 180 €
  • Lower circle of cilia 180 €
  • Upper eyeliner 270 €
  • Lower eyeliner 220 €  
  • Eyebrows 550 €
  • Lip contour 400 € 
  • Lip contour with shading 600 € 

Prices shown above are for new treatments and include two sessions.

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